Township Democratic Candidates Express Strong Support for Ride DuPage Service

Democratic candidates for Naperville Township offices met last night with a local resident who spoke in support of Ride DuPage, “an innovative transportation program that provides bus or taxi services for people who need travel assistance due to physical or cognitive limitations.”  The program is “[s]ubsidized by a partnership of townships, cities, villages, Pace and DuPage County.”

The resident, who has a handicap and also a handicapped adult child, expressed concern about continued financial support for Ride DuPage from Naperville Township.

The candidates drafted the following letter in response to her presentation.

April 1, 2013


Dear Mrs. ******,

Thank you for joining us at our meeting tonight and sharing your concerns regarding the Ride DuPage program with the Naperville Township Democratic candidates. After meeting with you, we discussed our position on this program and would like to share it with you.

Given demographic and geographic trends in Naperville Township, providing assistance to resident seniors, veterans and the disabled in the Township is a significant responsibility of Township government, which will grow in significance in the future. We firmly believe in programs that provide these residents with services that enable them to live as independently and productively as possible, and help them with accommodations that do so. Among those programs, Ride DuPage stands out as a prime example of the type of program that enables residents to lead productive, fulfilling lives.

We want you to know that the Naperville Township Democratic Organization candidates for the Township leader positions recognize and believe in the strategic role of Ride DuPage and, if elected, will commit to continued strong financial support of this program. Further, we additionally are committed to including active resident participation on advisory boards to our government and to actively conducting needs assessments of our constituents. We would welcome you to join with others in the community as advisors in matters such as these.

Best Regards,

Steve Purduski –Township Supervisor Candidate
Rose Johnson –Township Clerk Candidate
Paul Mandrik –Township Highway Commissioner Candidate
Ron Allen – Township Trustee Candidate
Max Bochmann – Township Trustee Candidate
Richea Dougherty – Township Trustee Candidate
Bob Fine – Township Trustee Candidate

Note: This posting updated to clean up the introductory paragraphs (Steve Kierstead, ~16:15, 4/2/13).