Naperville Township Primary Candidates – March 2020 (Democratic Candidates)

Election is Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Early Voting Starts Thu, Feb 6, 2020.

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OfficeName Website / EmailCandidate Comments
  • Making a play for the party’s moderate wing, with policies like Medicare for All (Who Want It) and free public college (for families earning less than $100,000).
  • Steeped in the values of the Christian left, he has wowed pundits, and his is fundraising is prodigious, including nearly $25 million in the fourth quarter.
  • Three-term Minnesota senator who supports Universal Health Care through a public option that expands Medicare or Medicaid.
  • Supports free tuition for one and two-year community college degrees and technical certifications and Pell Grants.
  • Supports immigration legislation that includes the DREAM Act and a path to citizenship for those who have been law-abiding.
  • 40 years of executive and legislative experience. Founded Congressional Progressive Caucus. Passed landmark veterans' legislation.
  • Fought against Iraq War, bad trade deals, bank deregulation, social security cuts, and corporate influence.
  • Leading the way on Medicare for All, Green New Deal, Free Public College, Fight for 15.
Elizabeth WarrenElizabeth
  • Creator of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, dedicated to helping citizens against predatory bankers and scams.
  • She Has A Plan For That - she brings concrete plans to strengthen our democracy, rebuild the middle class, provide equal justice under the law, and end Washington corruption.
Andrew Yang

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Matt Baron/Shutterstock (10351651s)
  • Champions the Freedom Dividend: $1000 per person monthly for all US adult citizens
  • Working to improve capitalism to work for all people, not corporations
US SenateDick
US Congress, IL-06Sean
  • Sean Casten is an entrepreneur and scientist by training and now represents IL-06
  • Sean's top priority is combating the climate crisis and protecting our
  • Accessible member of the community, who actively takes time to learn from and listen to constituents
US Congress, IL-11Bill
  • The only Ph.D. Physicist in Congress; Secured increased funding for scientific research, including cost-effective methods to combat climate change worldwide.
  • Voted for and will fight for a public option so all Americans have
    access to affordable healthcare
  • Will continue to support Democrats nationwide and locally so we win everywhere.
  • Supports closing the wage gap in America by raising the minimum wage to $15/hour, taxing the wealthy, and supporting Medicare for All
  • Passed the Greenest Region Compact with the Will County Board, pushed for 100% renewable energy, and will fight for the Green New Deal in Washington
  • Prioritize education funding K-College over increased military spending and Trump's border wall
IL State Senate 25Karina
IL State Rep 41Denika
  • A Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 20 years of mental health and advocacy experience
  • Planning to represent the true voice of this district and address their main issues and concerns.
  • Will address the ongoing mental health issues and its relation to the opioid crisis within this district.
Janet Yang RohrJanetForIllinois
  • Business leader, mom, and school board member with record of delivering results in private and public sectors.
  • Working to help middle-class families succeed, with property tax relief and economic growth opportunities.
  • Investing for the community’s future with a focus on supporting education, green initiatives, and healthcare rights.
IL State Rep 49Maura

  • Educator, activist, and community organizer. President of Batavia Mothers Club Foundation, founding member of Kane and Kendall County Moms Demand Action.
  • Fiscally responsible leader who will fight for high quality education and services, common sense gun legislation, and access to affordable, quality healthcare for all.
  • Resides in Batavia with her husband and three children
IL State Rep 84Stephanie
AuditorBruce FogertyFacebook
  • 25 years industry accounting experience. Graduate degrees MBA, MSA (Tax). Former college accounting instructor.
  • Wheaton resident, married, three grown kids. Extensive community involvement.
  • Will bring a more robust, systemic, creative, accountable approach to the auditor’s office.
  • Leadership experience in local government and advocacy skills to hold county officials accountable to be transparent, efficient, and genuinely responsive to our community
  • Will be a vigilant watchdog who will fight for good government without being the enemy of government
Clerk of the Circuit CourtCandice AdamsCandice Adams2020
  • I am a practicing attorney overseeing one of three departments at the firm
  • I have managed teams of more than 100 people with multimillion dollar budgets
  • If elect, I will modernize our systems and will make resources more accessible through community outreach initiatives
  • About 20 years of experience in IT & municipal governments
  • Served as Trustee of York Township (2005-2012)
  • Worked for DuPage County Health Department - Systems Analyst
CoronerGreg Whalen
RecorderKathy Carrier
Circuit Court Judge (Sutter)Jill
  • Illinois Attorney General's Office; Chief, Workers' Compensation Bureau, supervising 16 lawyers and 3700 cases
  • Tried hundreds of cases as both criminal prosecutor and civil defense attorney over 25 years
  • Rated Highly Recommended for judge by the DuPage County Bar Association
Alice Wilson
Circuit Court Judge (O'Shea)Azam Nizamuddin
  • Highly Qualified and well-rounded experienced trial lawyer, corporate attorney, and educator for over 20 years
  • Highly Commended - Recommended for Judge by the DuPage Bar Association and recipient of Awards for pro-bono work
  • Fair and Independent community-oriented Democrat, former chair of Bloomingdale Township Dems, civic leader, and adjunct professor at Loyola
  • Trial attorney and Former Assistant States Attorney with most extensive trial experience in primary race.
  • Recommended for Judge by DuPage Bar Association; Chair of Continuing Legal Education, DuPage Inns of Court
  • Former teacher, Impartial, independent and very involved in community volunteering and pro bono legal aid.
Circuit Court Judge (Anderson)Jeff
  • Practiced law in DuPage County since 1991, specializing in family, employment, realty, and general law.
  • Rated Highly Recommended by the DuPage County Bar Association (2018)
  • Believes the Court should have more Judges with a strong background in civil law/practice.
County Board District 5Amy
  • Business professional in Telecommunications and Healthcare Industries with experience managing budgets, RFPs and municipal build-outs
  • Founder of We are ONE Naperville, member of Moms Demand Action, volunteer for D203 Home & School
  • Will promote sustainable business practices & clean energy, stop toxic dumping and ensure contracts go out to competitive bid
Mary Jo
  • First Democrat elected to Lisle Township Supervisor, founded SEE Youth suicide prevention coalition
  • Licensed Professional Engineer, Small Business Owner, Program Manager of $1 Billion initiative creating resilient communities.
  • Focused on improving the quality of life for *all* DuPage residents.
County Board District 6Greg

  • 26 year career Firefighter/Paramedic and in 13th year as a Carol Stream
    Village Trustee
  • Life-long public servant will bring middle-class and democratic values to the County Board
  • Will focus on the Middle Class, Senior Citizens, Unions, Fiscal Responsibility, Opioid Crisis, Environment
Forest Preserve District 5Barb O'MearaFacebook
  • 29 years environmental health experience in management with IDPH, MPH from Benedictine University and LEHP
  • Running to make Dupage greener through solar, wind, and other energy efficiencies
  • Preserve, promote, and partner to protect flora, fauna, and pollinators now and in the future.
Ballot InitiativeCity of NapervilleShall the City of Naperville, in light of state legislation legalizing the possession, consumption, and sale of recreational adult use cannabis, allow the sale of recreational adult use cannabis within its jurisdiction?

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