Municipal Election Results – 2019

held Tuesday, April 2, 2019

OfficeName Website / EmailCandidate comments
Naperville MayorRocky Caylor (R)
Steve Chirico (Incumbent) (R)
Naperville City Council
(Vote 4)
Patrick Kelly (D)
  • Father of three pre-K children, and will be a voice for young families.
  • Former environmental attorney focused on electric contract and renewable energy
  • Member of 5th Avenue Steering Committee and will work for residents on major developments.
Barbara O'Meara (D)
  • 20 year Naperville resident; 28 year Illinois Department of Public Health employee; Adjunct Professor of Biology WCC
  • Will protect and improve the delivery of city services, make Naperville greener, and promote responsible, efficient, and community driven development
  • Committed, competent and capable of representing the people of Naperville
Theresa Sullivan (D)
  • Lifelong Naperville resident, technologist, MBA, mother of 3 school-aged kids, people-focused business owner, with no conflicts of interest.
  • A progressive female voice advocating for Naperville families' safety and well-being over business interests.
  • Priorities: Resident safety, government transparency, sustainable development, fiscal responsibility and fixing the commuter parking problem.
Nancy Turner (D)
  • Latin, English, Spanish teacher. M.A. in Latin with an M.B.A; Naperville resident for close to 20 years, Child Advocate with CASA DuPage and Community Volunteer.
  • Protect and improve the delivery of city services; make Naperville greener and more sustainable by promiting responsible, efficient, and community driven development
  • Caring, dedicated, and committed
Whitney Robbins (R)
Michelle Clemen (R)
Patty Gustin (R)
Bruce Hanson (R)
Paul Hinterlong (incumbent) (R)
Joe McElroy (R)
Bradford Miller (R)
Aurora Alderman At-LargeSherman L. Jenkins
(Incumbent) (D)
  • Currently Alderman-at-Large and dedicated to moving Aurora forward with an aggressive economic development program.
  • Maintain fiscal responsibility to insure lower taxes, safe neighborhoods and an environmentally-sound community.
  • Continue to stream-line the business development process so companies can produce more jobs/revenue for Aurora.
Brooke Ann Shanley (D)
  • Teacher and union leader with decades of experience working with students and families to strengthen communities.
  • It’s time to put people above politics in order to build a stronger city.
  • Reduce the property tax burden, enact a comprehensive ethics ordinance, convert to an elected library board.
Durrell Williams (D)
  • Native of Aurora; married, four children, and 6 grandchildren
  • Public servant, Precinct Committeemen Community Leader; Civically engaged, mentor, life coach, a supporter of after-school programs and summer camps, and an avid sports fan.
  • Employed by Kane County Sheriff.
Aurora Alderman Ward 8
Savannah Smith (D)
  • I am a mother, a teacher, a union member, an immigrant, and an LGBTQ+ youth
  • I want to avoid tax increases by ensuring efficient government operations.
  • I am accessible, hard working, and ready to serve.
Patty Smith (R)
Tom Weil (R)
School Board, District 203 (pick 3)Janet Yang Rohr (Incumbent) (D)
  • D203 graduate, parent, and school board member who believes deeply in the mission of quality education.
  • Bringing professional experience leading large global organizations to the myriad school board member responsibilities.
  • Priorities: Academic Excellence, Student Safety & Wellbeing, Equitable Opportunities, Community Connections, and Smart Spending.
Kristine Gericke (Incumbent) (D)
  • Prioritizing school safety and the mental/emotional well-being of all
    students and staff
  • Balancing our students’ needs, financial health of our district and our community tax burden
  • Extensive volunteer history focusing on kids in school, scouts and the juvenile court system
Joseph Kozminski (D)
  • Educator, scientist, and father of three elementary school children in the district.
  • College physics teacher for 14 years with strong analytical skills and significant leadership and policy experience.
  • Priority: World-class, student-focused education for all, using your tax dollars responsibly and transparently
Cecilia Fox (D)
  • My personal story and career have formed a leader who integrates diverse and pragmatic ideas.
  • Education molded me, fostering passion to ensure all children are afforded the best education possible.
  • I intend to ensure that we invest in all our students, individually, in a fiscally responsible way.
Char Lynette Dalton (I)
  • Proud mother of 3 kids, a business attorney, and an active volunteer in the community
  • Hard working, driven and committed to identifying the root cause of issues
  • Prioritize mental health, self esteem, social awareness and safety in our schools
Becky Rudolph (R)
School Board, District 204 (pick 3)Gautam ‘GB’ Bhatia (D)
  • BA in Computer Science, Math and Physics. MBA in MIS and Operations. Cyber Security Professional.
  • Chairman of Aurora’s Indian-American Community Outreach Advisory Board. We Focused on Youth Mental Health, Diversity Awareness, Student Scholarship.
  • I will focus on Educational Equity, Student Mental Health, Teacher Retention, Fiscal Responsibility, Special Needs, Student Safety.
Natasha Grover (incumbent) (I)
Carole M Jones (D)
  • Mother of two with over 25 years expertise in both business and community arenas.
  • Co-founder and Director - SOS for 2e is an advocacy group of over 300 members accommodating the needs of complex learners.
  • Board of Director -Chicago Gifted Community Center facilitates educational and emotional support for gifted families.
Justin Karubas (incumbent) (R)
Mark Rising (incumbent) (R)
College of DuPage Trustee
Community College District #502 (pick 2)
Dan Bailey (D)
  • DuPage resident, COD Nurse graduate, lifelong learner and activist for healthy workplaces and good government.
  • Will push to increase student body, retain full time teachers, increase 21st century job programs
  • Committed to control tuition costs, manage revenue, improve transportation, protect taxpayers
Maureen Dunne
  • First community college graduate in history to be named a Rhodes Scholar
  • COD Alum; Technology Entrepreneur; Adjunct Professor, University of Illinois; Former NSF Fellow
  • Board of Directors: Mental Health Association of GC; Access Health (Auxiliary Board); Autism Community Ventures
Mark Incrocci (R)
Annette Corrigan (R)
Fox Valley Park District At-LargeMavis Bates (D)
  • I am a teacher at Waubonsee, business owner, healthcare provider, community leader, and conservationist.
  • I am running to protect our natural areas and promote health and fitness for all.
  • I intend to reduce waste to save money, keep programs up, and keep taxes down.
Mark Richard Buschbacher (U)
Fox Valley Park District Ward 3Allan Broholm (D)
Naperville Park District (pick 3)Rich Janor (Incumbent) (R)
Josh McBroom (R)
Marie Todd (Incumbent) (R)
Regional Board of Schools Trustees - Downers Grove (8-year Term) Jeremy Wang (R)
Regional Board of Schools Trustees - Lisle (2-year Unexpired Term)John Gardner Huff (R)
Referendum"Shall the Road District of Naperville Township be abolished with all the rights, powers, duties, assets, property, liabilities, obligations, and responsibilities being assumed by Naperville Township?"

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