Putin’s Revenge

Frontline gave us a gift these last two weeks with Putin’s Revenge.  We would be wise to understand what he’s up to, why he’s doing it, how successful he has been so far (HINT: very!) and where he might take his new powerful weapon from here.  One can be certain […]

Obamacare Works if Leaders Try to Make it Work. But What About if They Try to Destroy It?

Make no mistake.  Obamacare has made health care available to 20-plus million folks and works long term if those in charge try to make it work.  The exchanges are NOT collapsing.  Here’s the latest example, this one from Washington State. One more time… ACA markets have real problems. But they are […]

GOP Senator McConnell Finally Reveals His Tax Cut “Health Care” Bill, Intends to Force a Vote Before It Can Be Scrutinized

Having hidden the details as long as he could, Mitch McConnell has finally revealed his tax cut health care bill.  Contrary to the expectations originally set, the bill turns out to be the House’s brutal bill with a few of the edges sanded down (for example, it stretches the phase-out of […]